Analytic - Big Data

Analitica - Big data


ENREDA has led and developed multiple Big Data projects in recent years related to data analysis, data processing, and data visualization. These projects have given us highly relevant experience and capabilities for future projects. Nowadays, many technological solutions are based on the capacity to process large volumes of data and manage the potential of this data to develop highly advanced technology products and applications. Some of the uses and objectives of the developed projects are related to the massive Robotic Process Automation data processing through RPA- or the massive exploitation of data for the generation of complex analytics. And in line with our values, one of the main objectives is to develop OpenData (Open Data) projects that aim to open and make data freely available to everyone, without restrictions; as is the case of the projects developed together with OpenODS, to generate applications that allow access to data related to the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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