Index PNUD

OpenODS Index development for UNDP

United Nations Development Program
ENREDA has developed this project in conjunction with the company OpenODS to adapt the OpenODS Index product for the ART-UNDP initiative, based on the work carried out in collaboration with its team.

This project has been called the Local SDG Alliance, is a system that allows obtaining a complete vision of how an entity is implementing the 2030 Agenda and what path it can follow to integrate the SDGs into its structure, plans, and strategies. In addition, it offers information on all the entities registered on the platform, providing an overview to disseminate the progress of the 2030 Agenda in a territory.

Compliance with the 2030 Agenda is the greatest challenge facing our societies. But as you already know, the most efficient way to tackle a big task is to divide it into smaller and more concrete ones. For this reason, we have developed a progressive, accessible, and proven roadmap that makes it easier for any entity to move up, step by step, on its way to achieving the SDGs.

This roadmap outlines the fastest way to move towards a model aligned with sustainable development. To achieve this mission, the roadmap is divide into 4 phases, regarding 38 challenges in total. Each challenge is the minimum unit the 2030 Agenda can be split. Overcoming each of these challenges brings you closer to your sustainability goals. Likewise, the correlation between them means that the greater the number of challenges achieved, the greater the acceleration of your progress curve.