In ENREDA we have a different view of reality, of technology and communication; and that is usually the first step to be able to transform things.

Our Principles

... and if you do not like them, they are the only ones we proudly have.


We believe in the social and democratic value of companies. Better to cooperate than to compete.

Technological freedom

We bet on Free Software and technological freedom in all areas.

Social commitment

All of us can and must be part of the social change to improve the world in which we live. From the local to the global.

Our contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Logo de Objetivos de Desarollo Sostenible


People as the center of all business activity.

Foto de Pablo García

Pablo García

Foto de David Aurusa

David Aurusa

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Arantza Lozano

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José Manuel Palacios

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Juana Barrera

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Diego Calvo

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María Sanz

Where we are




Motivations of working in a network

Collaborating, cooperating and working with other organizations facilitates the fulfillment of our objectives and goals; as well as exchange experiences; learn collectively; and support other projects with which we feel identified.

Join up

If you want to work with us, and develop your employability by doing what you like most, get in touch with us.


If you want to collaborate in social transformation projects, you can do it through our email or social networks, a collective creation space focused on social innovation.